Emergency Medicine memo / 緊急医療メモ

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処方 名称 商品名 参考
Bio weapons イベルメクチン(Ivermectin) イベルメクチン配合の医薬品。インドの製薬会社サイノ社で製造された腸管糞線虫症、疥癬(かいせん)の治療薬 -
Bio weapons Chlorine dioxide(二酸化塩素) Master Mineral Solution, MMS The Universal Antidote
「二酸化塩素錠剤」、又は「二酸化塩素 タブレット」で検索。
Bio weapons Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc - -
Nuclear attach Iodine Survival Shield X2 X3
Nuclear attach Colloidal silver Colloidal Silver Making Colloidal Silver out of Silver Coins
Nuclear attach 玄米、竹炭、Detox系
血栓予防 松の葉 shikimic acid(シキミ酸) PrepWithMike - How to make your own shikimic acid extract using an off-the-shelf espresso machine
General ハーブ、ペッパー 、Fennel Seed(ウイキョウ・茴香)、シキミ酸(shikimic acid)

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外傷(切り傷、擦過傷、挫創、切創、咬傷) - Added by 石﨑 則夫 7 months ago

Mike Adams 氏が、右人差し指の切創に対して、自身での処置を解説してくれました。

I almost LOST my finger... but GOD and NUTRITION achieved a healing MIRACLE

  • silver gel
  • hydrogen peroxide 過酸化水素
  • Iodine
  • Turmeric
  • lion's mane mushroom
    • lion's mane mushroom for nerve regeneration
  • Tuning Forks
    • キネティクス(Kinetics) vibration/born sound
  • ligament(靱帯・じんたい) healing/repair
  • light therapy/LED light

SOLUTIONS to remove nanocircuitry from the bodies of the jabbed - Added by 石﨑 則夫 6 months ago

Naturopathic doctor Wil Spencer reveals SOLUTIONS to remove nanocircuitry from the bodies of the jabbed

Patient Advocate Bulldog
lyme disease
Operation paper clip by RFK Jr. 17:35~
Respiratory Rescue Kit
Stockholm Syndrome
Red pill and blue pill originated from The Matrix in 1999
Hard to kill